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Jonano – Organic Clothing

Sustainable business & manufacturing reduces negative environmental impact and minimizes the use of our Earth’s natural resources. At Jonäno we create long-wearing clothes that are timeless in design.

Since 2005, Jonäno’s production and design team has been traveling extensively throughout the USA, Central and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia searching out the best farms, mills and factories to create their Collections. At Jonäno they insist on adherence to ISO standards with all of their manufacturers, and their regular factory visits ensure compliance. They have been producing our ecoKashmere® collection of bamboo knits in the USA, Turkey and Asia in strict accordance to these standards and insist that Fair Labor practices be followed by all of their work partners. Their fabrics are spun, then dyed using low impact dyes. They also choose to print their mailings, hangtags and other promotionals on recycled paper.

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John Hardy – Naga Earrings

In ancient cultures around the world, the dragon symbolizes victory, growth and prosperity. With Graduation coming up, John Hardy’s dragon inspired collection has the perfect gift to congratulate your graduate’s milestone achievement.

The Spring 2010 Naga collection features rich textures, inspired by the dragon’s coat of mail. The new Marquise shaped earrings are designed in gold and silver with the remarkable pattern of dragon scales. The piece portrays a feeling of strength and courage, a befitting gift to honor a graduate’s past and bring them success for their future.

Save the Earth Sunday – Andira Rain Tee

Beth Doane created RainTees in 2007 when she realized just how toxic the fashion industry can be for the environment. Beth had already developed RainTees’ parent company Andira International at age 22, where she focused on launching, importing and distributing exclusive European brands to the United States market.

The word “Andira” describes a tall tree which grows in the Brazilian Amazon and has been used for centuries by indigenous people for its medicinal properties. However, due to logging, oil drilling and agricultural expansion in the Amazon, the species has become nearly extinct.

As a result of this devastation, Beth wanted to launch a line that would educate consumers on critical environmental and social issues, end the negative effects of climate change, and not cause further damage to the earth in the process. When she realized that no such brand existed, she established Rain Tees.

Over the years, Andira has grown to offer consulting, design, distribution, and marketing to companies that want to launch products while remaining as eco-conscious as possible.

Her line is available at:

Save the Earth Sunday – Wear the Earth

Wear The Earth sells Organic, Sustainable Eco-Friendly clothing. Organic fabrics last longer and feel better on the skin than traditional fabrics. People with allergies and sensitivity to chemicals have found relief in Organic material. By purchasing Organic and Eco-Friendly clothing you are helping to create an environment for sustainable living.

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