Summer Scarf Dreaming


I am on an accessories mission. I need, with all of my body and soul, a summer scarf or two that will transition my daytime looks into easy and chic nighttime wear. There’s something about a wrapped scarf and a sock bun that just screams “easygoing chic.” I can’t wait for the hot days of summer, and for drinking mojitos on the waterfront. I’ll be wearing one of these (or maybe all of them at once, Grey Gardens- style):

Hazy Days of Summer Scarf


Aviary Scarf



Hand Dyed Aqua Scarf from Oh Suzanni

Paisley is gearing up to be the new hot print. You will want to get in early on this one:

J Crew Jakes London Paisley Scarf

This one looks like it was directly taken off of a hip art gallery’s walls:

Alice & Olivia Love Print Scarf

I have to admit that despite my love of accessories, I am not the best at tying scarves. Did everyone see this wonderful YouTube video with instructions? A very handy find.

Watch it here:



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