Don’t Forget Your Umbrellas!

Don’t Forget Your Umbrellas!

It’s spring, indeed. I can tell because the rain is coming down every morning that I want to wear sandals and a sundress. It’s not quite summer yet, I remind myself. We’ve had some warm days, but it won’t be summer until I get my daily 3PM ice cream craving.

I don’t disdain the rain, however. My basil plant sure does love it, and it makes me utilize some of my wardrobe staples in a creative way. Some of my favorite things to pair together are:

My black motorcycle boots (although if this look is too tough for you, standard wellies look great as well):

Frye Women's Belted Harness 12" Motorcycle Boots

or perhaps….

Diesel Gummy Black Wellington Rain Boots

A miniskirt sounds counter-intuitive but I’ve found it to be my rainy day solution to soaking wet pants legs. I’m sure you’ve been there.  Denim was made to be tough, so that’s my material of choice.


Or you can wear something a bit brighter to perk up a gray day:

Postage stamp mini in big apple

To finish, I’ll be rocking a lot of sweaters over button downs this week so that I am cozy and not a complete slob. The point of the layering is also practical; this seems to be the season where no temperature control unit is working the way we want it to, no?

If you’ve put all of your sweaters away during some overeager spring cleaning, don’t fret. They’re all on sale now. How about this one from Vince?

Eyelash Boatneck Sweater

Or this easy to wear Splendid number:

Striped open-knit sweater

How are you surviving the rain? In style? Undercover?



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