Oryza – Valley Fair’s Best Kept Secret

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Mode Bay Area’s staff and friends recently hosted a birthday bash at what we like to think of as Westfield Valley Fair’s best kept secret: Oryza.  Not too long ago on this very site we shared with you the menu and dining experience you might expect should you grace the Oryza resturaunt, which included excellent food, plentiful menu selections, as well as a diverse menu (budgeted incredibly by the way) for various dietary needs and tastes.  And while many might think that they have to hop across the road for a night to remember, Oryza throws it’s name into the hat, for both being a memorable and magnificent experience for patrons, parties, and events.

What do you need for such an experience? Ambiance? Check.  Food? Check.  Drink Selection? Check, and double check.  Private seating area? Check.  Television sets? Check.  Great waiters and waitresses? Check and check.  And with incredible pricing as well, your jaw won’t drop when you see the check.

They saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” — so while maybe you weren’t able to attend the party with us (we swear the invitation was in the mail!) You’d certainly do well to see our experience below!  And once you’ve done that, give Oryza a call, and make your own party reservations; you’ll be glad you did!


Orange Chicken

Pumpkin Curry

Spicy Basil Rice

Birthday girl and "Joe"

Hasti and her Hubby

The whole group!

Private seating PLUS the Giants game...Yes please!

To make your own night to remember, either stop in while you’re at the mall, call in at 408.246.8010 — or make go online to: http://www.oryzabistro.com/contact.htm




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