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I am by no means a stranger to denim. From the different dyes, styles, and unique elements that make up each jean, no two pairs are alike. With a petite frame, I often have to alter my jeans to my height, leaving me spending hundreds on alterations I wish I did not have to. Especially with originally very long denim, the jeans never look quite the way they were intended to. I wanted just one brand I could rely on for jeans that were fashioned and tailored specifically for my body. This is how I came to discover my new favorite denim brand–Lotus Premium Denim. By offering denim that measures both inseams, your waist and your height, you are guaranteed to have a perfect fit every time. These jeans are comfortable, slimming, and flatter your body, without any alterations needed. We were able to interview the women behind Lotus to learn more about the brand:

What was the inspiration behind Lotus Premium Denim?
The inspiration behind LPD was to create quality denim that was made to fit and flatter a women’s body the first time around, without any additional alterations. Lotus Premium Denim solved a need for a particular niche and this was to discover a jean where after being slipped on, the details fit each woman beautifully during her first try, giving her a boost of confidence to wear with her smile. Our products are made with every intention of fitting a woman’s real shape, and enhancing her beauty. We understand that a woman’s shape may fluctuate, but looking and feeling fabulous shouldn’t have to. Our creative inseams, pocket placements, dark finishes, stretch, classic denim cuts, ingenious waistbands and magical ‘yoke’ detail makes for a unique denim collection.

How would you define the woman who wears Lotus?
The woman who wears Lotus represents extraordinary women who radiate true beauty and loves to inspire. She is the fashionable businesswoman, mother, student or individual who has undergone many life challenges but has survived and made it on top to where she is today. She is confident, hardworking, intelligent and most importantly, humbled by life’s amazing blessings.

What sets you apart from other denim companies?
The Lotus Premium label is more than a fashion statement; it is a statement of values. From day one, we are committed to donating a portion of our sales to benefit partnering charities that help and empower women and children. When you purchase from the Lotus Premium collection it announces your commitment to helping women and children thrive and lead better lives. The Lotus Premium Brand firmly believes in quality, both for our apparel and for human life.

We identified with many women who hassled with post-purchase alterations and realized that while the cut and fit is essential, the length of the jeans that runs from the crotch down to the bottom of the leg (inseam) is also a critical piece in which other brands overlook.Our two inseams or lengths (28” & 30”) can be worn with flats and heels, from day to night, without any additional alterations. This very simple approach to sizing makes all the difference in the world!

What does the name “Lotus” say about the brand?
The Lotus is a symbolism of creation and rebirth and that is what we are bringing to the world, a rebirth of true beauty that will create a new world of fashion.

If you could say something to consumers who were considering between Lotus or a more well-known jean company, what would you tell them?
If you have been searching for premium denim that you can wear without having to make any additional alterations, Lotus Premium Denim has your solution. We hate altering and hemming our jeans as much as you do. We understand this inconvenience and that is why in our design process, we made sure to cater to women of different heights. Our goal is to have you try it, buy it, and wear it out – hassle free.

Our material feels amazingly comfortable, our back pocket placements and sweetheart ‘yoke’ detail will make you look more proportioned, and our inseams will allow you to transform looks from day to night look, just by changing your flats to heels. We are a staple here to outlast all trends. We would love for you to feel the difference in the quality and message behind our brand.

For spring 2012, what do we have to look forward to?
Clients can look forward to two new styles, entitled Love and Dream. Love has a high empire waist, think chic sailor-esque, and Dream is our trouser fit, or the jean you’ve always ‘dreamt’ of.

Where do you see Lotus going in the future as the brand expands?
We see Lotus creating more styles, including colors, to add to our clients’ closets. We also envision Lotus reaching global borders. Just like the Lotus flower that is Universal in many cultures, our market are people in other countries who experience our same problem. At the same time, we hope to inspire others to go for their dreams and realize that the sky is the limit as long as you put in a lot of dedication and hard work.

You can learn more about Lotus Premium Denim by checking out their website. There you can also purchase your perfect pair online or find a retailer near you. If you aren’t a fan yet, Lotus is on Facebook, and on Twitter.

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    I am inspired by people who give all even when the world has not been so kind to them.

  2. DESARIA says:

    my mother inspires me. She is my hero (next to my dad of course). She raised 3 kids on her own while my dad was away when he was in the military and continues to do so to this day. She is the strongest and most loving person I know. I hope to be like her one day.

  3. JAYME says:

    I want some new jeans!

  4. HEATHER says:

    I’m short and would love to try these jeans to see if they are as good as they sound. Denim is a staple and finding great denim is a challenge.

  5. KAITLIN A says:

    I’m inspired by bold personalities, colors, and food! Haha

  6. KATY says:

    I think – as cheesey as this is going to sound – that the hidden beauties in every day inspire me. You never know when you’re having a junky day, and you see the most gorgeous little daisy growing though the cracks in the sidewalk. Most people don’t even notice the small things, but I think there are hints of inspiration everywhere you look. Little bits of beauty to help keep your head up.

  7. PAULA says:

    I also just love the simple small things throughout the day. The small moments are usually the ones that mean the most! :)

  8. CHANTAL G says:

    i get insiped by colours like purples and pinks, i love denim and my mom who is 55 looks amazing and is my inspiration.

  9. ELAINE C. says:

    I find inspiration everywhere. From the little things – like someone holding the door for an elderly. To grander acts- like a woman in power giving back to her community and mentoring the younger generation.

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