Fergie’s Fabulous Floral Printed Dress


I know as well as anyone that prints are big for Spring…Mostly because my job consists of “research”, which some may refer to as shopping online, all day. My problem with prints? I don’t think I’m sweet enough to pull off a traditional floral. When I put on an animal print I’m instantly transformed into Peg Bundy circa 1992, with my Big Blonde Hair completing the look. But, just when I had resigned myself to a Spring of solids (even if I was excited that they were neon) Mrs. Black Eyed Pea herself, Fergie, changed my mind.

Although I admire her taste in husbands, I am often not a major advocate of her style.  Call me old, but it can be a little much. However, something about her 37th Birthday printed dress has made me take notice.  I can clearly see flowers, making it a floral piece, but the Asian influence and black accents give it a definite edge over your traditional floral frock. And by accenting black trim of the dress with accessories of the same color, the edge of the look is hi-lighted. An added bonus? You probably already have black basics like these in your closet.

Add wavy, undone hair to incorporate a softness into the  look and a little bronze to your skin (try Gleam by Melanie Mills Body Radiance, my new favorite bronzing product) like Fergie and the look is complete. A fierce but feminine floral? Sign me up.

In the end, it looks like the very thing I’ve tried my best to resist has won me over – Much like an on rotation Black Eyed Peas pop radio hit. And with that, let’s get it started.

Fergie’s 37th Birthday Blue Printed Dress

Givenchy Printed Stretch Dress

Fergie Dress

Givenchy Printed Stretch Dress $2405

Style Stealer:

Oriental Print Floral Dress $120

Betsey Johnson Women’s Tappp Pump $109

ALDO Holvey – Clutches $29.98

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