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The warm weather of summer is just around the corner, which means that now is the time to hit the stores and replace your winter coats, jackets and jumpers. Unfortunately, however, the changing of the seasons doesn’t automatically increase your level of disposable income, and this can leave  you and your fellow consumers searching high and low for bargains. Thanks to ShopSavvy, you can now source the seasonal clothing that you want at the lowest possible market price, and make your purchases while on the go.

In effect, it allows you to search for the very best price possible on any item of clothing that you want, simply by using the camera on your smartphone to scan the bar code. The ShopSavvy app then compares prices across different stores and deliver the information straight to your phone. You can also reserve or purchase an item in the same way, which makes ShopSavvy the most convenient way to buy for those with busy schedules. With an advanced keyword search feature that allows you to locate exactly what you want, you can save valuable time as well as your hard earned money.

Available to those of you with Android, Microsoft, and Apple mobile devices, ShopSavvy is free to download and can help you to avoid overspending in the pursuit of summer fashion. So why not embrace the fact that style and affordability are no longer mutually exclusive options?

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