Must Have Spring Sweaters!

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Nothing has haunted me more from the Fall Fashion Week presentations like this Chloe sweater. 

I know, I know the weather is starting to heat up and our senses get confused, looking at fall sweaters and chunky footwear. However, I think a sweater is a year round essential, whether it’s for keeping warm at night on the beach in the summer or for layering during the tricky transitional phases between the seasons. Since my mother was the type to never let me leave the house without bringing one, I have found myself shopping for the perfect spring knit.

Like the Chloe I referenced above, this year I am looking for interesting knits in the brights and neutrals of the spring ‘12 collections to dust off the dark and dreary days of winter. Begone with you, dark dreary days.

If I had my druthers I would wrap myself in this Thomas Maier cashmere wrap when the breeze gets to me:

…but since my accountant would lock up my credit cards, I’m looking at some more reasonable numbers. There’s this one from a+ro available at Madewell that I think would be fantastic with jeans or capris when the sun goes down:

This bright red Eileen Fisher sweater is great for work, especially when that office mate of yours who always cranks up the A/C is having a field day:

I feel that I can’t have a conversation about sweaters without mentioning one by Vince. This one sports the colorblocking trend and is perfect for layering:

My feelings for Reiss knitwear are easy and echoed by many: If Kate Middleton wears it and I can afford it, I’ll buy it. This striped sweater mixes up the trend in a chic way:

This Ralph Lauren Black Label number is classic, but when using these bright colors it feels modern:

Lastly, because I yearn for that ethereal effect I first saw in the Chloe sweater at the top, I love this Overcast Pullover from Anthropologie.

I could talk about sweaters all day, every season. What are your favorites for the spring?



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