Tears of Beaumont

Tears of Beaumont

Tears of Beaumont is brand based on Los Angeles, California.  Each garments are made in the U.S. and hand made.  The creative director, Jayson Palacio, is no rookie when it comes to high fashion.  The brand might be new but the materials and craftsmanship shows a history that indicates the quality of work put on each garment.  The texture and plaid silhouette captures a contemporary image that speaks to the modern male fashionista, but versatile enough for those who is still finding themselves in this industry of self expression.  Tears of Beaumont speaks of utilizing the garment for everyday use while giving the wearer a look unique as his own genetic code.  Each garment are limited pieces so the wearer instantly becomes part of a group that understands the complex format that comes in walking in the street as a gentleman.  You can take it easy now, you can be as cunning as you would want to be like James Dean, or be as charming like Johnny Depp.  These fabrics were made for you, complex but subtle.

You can view their full look book at their website, Tears of Beaumont. The brand is set to release in Winter 2011 in select stores.  For more information info@tearsofbeaumont.com




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