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After stumbling around Japantown and finding Cako 2, these cupcakes were calling my name. I’ve had Cako’s little treats at the downtown location and was pleasantly surprised they had another one! First off, I LOVE this location much more than the one downtown. It’s much cuter and better set up. The larger-than-life ceramic cupcakes are über adorable. As for the cupcakes I honestly wasn’t expecting to be amazed. Lots of times cute boutique-y bakeries are more about aesthetics than the actual quality of their products.

Regardless of how full I was from dinner, I decided to try four yummy cupcakes. I got the Oreo cupcake, carrot cupcake, the strawberry cheesecake cupcake, and the red velvet cupcake. For the Oreo cupcake, I guessed the cake part was chocolate with an Oreo creme flavored frosting, topped with a bite-sized Oreo. AND OREO CRUST BOTTOM ! The crust sold me. But that was the only great part. It was a little boring and only slightly tasted like an oreo cookie. The carrot cupcake was definitely one of the better carrot cupcakes I’ve had. Just the right amount of moistness and carrot chunks. It was also a little more cinnamon-y, which I really liked. The cream cheese frosting was awesome!! The strawberry cheesecake is probably the best cupcake, EVER. Yeah, I’ve had cupcakes from Sprinkles and Melissa’s in NYC. This beats all of their cupcakes. If you want to taste heaven, this is what you need to get! Here’s the rundown of what makes it amazing: strawberry cake + cream cheese frosting sprinkled with graham cracker crust and topped with a fresh strawberry slice. AND! it had a graham cracker crust bottom and an amazing cheesecake filling. The cheesecake was perfect! Not too sweet, not too thick. Light and fluffy, it complimented the cake great. On a sadder note, I’m very sad to say that one of my all-time favorite flavors wasn’t my favorite at Cako. I was not impressed with their red velvet cupcake. But not all cupcakes can be perfect. This wasn’t. It was on the dry side and the sweetness of the frosting overpowered the red velvet flavor. Oh well, at least the strawberry cheesecake rocked my world!

We ended up paying $16 for our four cupcakes and two milk cartons. Not bad but not cheap. If a regular sized cupcake isn’t what you’re feeling grab a mini cupcake or cake bites for around a dollar. They don’t have seating but there’s a bunch of benches and little tables in the walkway. The girl at the counter was great and very friendly! Definitely stop by to fix that sweet craving!





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  1. YASMINA KRESS says:

    Thanks for the post im addicted to cupcakes ! [iP]

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