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Thom Scher is the current Producer and Director of Public Relations for Charity Fashion Show. In his fourth year with CFS, he has helped to make the event what it is today. An award-nominated event producer and stylist, Thom is a well known member of the San Francisco fashion community. Thom owns his own fashion PR company, Beyond The Dresses, which this year is the coordinating and managing CFS.

1. How are you involved in CFS?

I am the Producer, and the Director of Public Relations for Charity Fashion Show. Basically, I’ve been around since CFS became started to become what it is today: the largest fashion show on the West Coast.

2. How did you come to get involved?

I met Wayne Hwang 4 years ago, and we hit it off. Next thing I knew we realized that we could be amazing partners if he handled the creative side and I handled the business side. We took what was a small annual event in 2007 and blew it up into the show that so many know in 2009. I never expected to wind up in the fashion industry — but here I am, and I absolutely love it!

3. What are you most excited about for this year’s show?

The runway layout is so different than past years — its a flat-surface runway with stadium seating and way more of a European vibe. I can’t wait for how that is going to feel. I think that people are also going to be blown away by the work that Brooke Smith (Creative Director) has done to make this year’s show more cohesive, styled, and innovative.

4. Who is your fashion inspiration?

Hedi Slimane’s suits from the Dior days in the early 2000s, anything Lagerfeld, every single one of Brooke Smith’s outfits, and the entire wardrobe of Kiyan Williams (a CFS model).

5. What do you love most about the fashion industry?

I love how dedicated and passionate people are in the fashion industry. Its such a diverse industry, and people that love it REALLY love it. I think that’s the case with CFS: I couldn’t do it without the staff, the models, and the designers who are all wildly committed to making such a unique event happen!

6. Favorite personal fashion-related memory?

I have a few that really make me happy and bring back great memories, but I’d have to say that last year I was in Southern California for LAFW. It was really late at night, and I got a call from one of our designer interns — Mary Lucas. She had been accepted to Parson’s and called me as soon as she found out. I legitimately started crying I was so happy for her… dreams really can come true.

7. What is your favorite local shopping spot?

Loft 1513 in San Francisco is really a hot spot of amazing pieces! I won’t lie, I’m also a bit of an obsessive when it comes to the Diesel on Santana Row…

8. If you could change one thing in the fashion industry, what would it be?

I think that I would make the major fashion weeks more diverse — both in terms of ethnic and body type diversity, but also in terms of style diversity. I think that we have a long way to come in terms of promoting healthy body consciousness and confidence through fashion, and I think that this industry is one of the best places to do it. I also just love the underground fashion aesthetics of San Francisco, and I wish that we saw more of that in New York.

9. In five years where do you see yourself?

I hope to be producing huge events, managing PR for some major designers, and loving my life in the fashion industry.

10. Why should people come to CFS 2011?

It really is the best runway event on the West Coast, and it is a true experience. Not only does it support The Princess Project, but it supports the fashion industry of San Francisco & the West Coast! …and its just an amazing time!

*Editors Note: I met Thom about a year ago right after Charity Fashion Show 2010. The show he produced last year was one that had heart, passion, and a true desire to give back to the community. I have seen Thom grow into an amazing PR rep this past year and I can only imagine what the show will be like Saturday night with the collections that are walking the runway. I am eager to see the show this year, and even more than that I am excited for what the future holds for Thom. An early congratulations to Thom and the entire CFS team– I know an amazing night awaits us all.




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