Aruna Seth-A Curtsey to Heels


We all know by now that the royal wedding is almost here. What we don’t know is what Kate Middleton will be wearing.

What’s more important than the wedding itself-the dress or even arguably the shoes! Aruna Seth is said to be in the running for top choice of shoes the soon to be princess might be wearing for her special day.

I checked them out online and the shoes are amazing. Fit for a princess but available to the rest of us commoners. The bridal selection ranges from heels (one features white Chantilly lace), ballerinas (my preference),wedges and unique to Aruna Seth London designs only, butterfly heels. The butterfly heels come in many looks and colors and are widely loved by celebrities rocking them at red carpets, white,ivory,pink,gold,peacock blue,red all adorned with a swavorski crystal butterfly brooch on the toe of the heel. Just gorgeous. I have to have the Tiffany Blue butterfly heel, but I don’t think I’m alone, blue shoes are a still a big trend and a dream to have on your wedding day or really any day. Take a moment to swoon at these shoes and let’s wait and see what kind of heels Kate actually wears for her royal nuptials.



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