I’ve Got the Golden Ticket #winning


Written by: Paria Amini

Growing up, one of my favorite movies to watch was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I always wondered what it would feel like to be that lucky “Golden Ticket” winner. Like Charlie, I wanted to experience that moment of being that one special person, out of so many hopefuls. While I may not know how Charlie felt at that moment, I had some idea of it this week. Out of around 82,000 applicants, I was one of the reportedly 250 qualifiers for Round 3 of Charlie Sheen’s #Tigerbloodintern search.

While the prize is not a tour of the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory, the winner of the Internships.com search wins an 8-week paid summer internship. The selected intern is expected to be educated, professional, and experienced. I know, not exactly what you would have thought from the famous actor. While Round 1 required a clever tweet, and Round 2 requested credentials, Round 3 is a little different. Contestants are asked to create a 2-minute YouTube video answering one of three questions relating to social media.

My extensive history with social media includes my work with ModeBayArea, political campaigning, and in government. Although I may be qualified for the job, like the other contestants, I’m not sure what to expect from my competition. I originally applied for the internship for fun, not really thinking that it would lead anywhere. But now that it has taken me this far, I am in it to win it. #duh #winning (I couldn’t resist). Hopefully, in the end, I’ll be the last one standing with the “Golden Ticket.”



2 Comments on "I’ve Got the Golden Ticket #winning"

  1. VANESS says:

    Charlie Sheen is the bomb! WINNING BABY! (GC)


    im excited…

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