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When I headed off to the Kate Somerville event at Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto, I expected to  hear about great products and learn about new skin care treatments. But what I didn’t expect was to be blown away by real stories of healing, and joy. I saw many women approach Kate to discuss their skin care and break down with real tears of joy.

The Kate Somerville system is a simple, easy to follow, easy to understand system that really works! She proves this with a client list consisting of Hollywood A-listers and everyday women and men with phenomenal stories and testimonies as well. Her philosophy is drawn out in a great pyramid that you can find below.

“The Skin Health Pyramid™ is your direct map for achieving a healthy complexion. Years spent studying skin, partnering with clients, and researching what works led Kate to this concept. This strategy has been successfully employed in both the Kate Somerville clinic and with each of Kate’s personal clients.

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Created by Kate, the Skin Health Pyramid™ defines and prioritizes the five fundamental elements for attaining and maintaining beautiful skin: Protect, Hydrate, Feed, Stimulate & Detox. By addressing skin wellness from both an internal and external perspective, Kate simplifies the path for healthy skin. Founded on the latest scientific evidence, clinical research, and Kate’s professional experience, The Skin Health Pyramid™ is your key to total skin wellness.”

I had the opportunity to ask Kate some questions that I thought many of us would have and you might be surprised at some of the answers! I wanted to know what her #1 recommendation was when it came to skin care. To be honest I expected her to say SPF (isn’t that what everyone says), but I was shocked by her answer!

Her advice was:
1- Exfoliation (PROPER exfoliation)
2- Hydration
3- Moisturize

She also believes that the latest and greatest treatment and products available to those of us fighting the fight against wrinkles lays in Stem-Cell Therapy. And she has bottled what human stem cells can offer in a synthetic form. The stories of healing that came with her Cyto-Cell Cream were amazing to hear! I really encourage you to pick up Kate’s book, I promise you’ll be blown away with the photo’s and the amazing changes that took place within a matter of 10 weeks.

I promise you that Kate Somerville is just scratching the surface when it comes to cutting edge, safe, skin care. Her products, advice, and treatments are at a price point that are easily attainable and the results will speak for themselves.

Kate and I came up with a treatment for my skin, and I’ll be doing a 10 week treatment with photos and reviewing multiple products in her line. She also gave me great advice as how to avoid the knife when I’m older (and they were things anyone could do). You can find all this advice in her book, and all her products at Neiman Marcus.

What skin care issues do you have that you haven’t been able to treat? You never know, this maybe what you’ve been looking for your whole life! Because while Kate is in the beauty industry, her passion has always been changing lives. And you might be the next life she changes!

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