For fabulous brides to be…

For any of you that plan on getting hitched in the future, Iridescence Bridal Couture is a fabulous line that is not to be missed!   Started by Judy Lee who has always been fascinated by the beauty of couture dresses, she created her own line with the dream of bringing high quality, custom-made-to-measure dresses to the everyday women using traditional sewing techniques.   For those of you who want to move away from the normal cookie-cutter, massed produced dresses, Judy can work with you on your unique ideas and a splash of her own.

Judy’s goal is to make it as simple as possible for dresses to be transitioned from weddings, to other events after the wedding. Unique features can be added to to any of the dresses created and can be styled differently and worn in multiple ways.  She is expected to launch a new collection in Spring/Summer 2011.

Custom products offered are: Wedding Dresses, Evening / Cocktail Dresses, Veils, Pearl Necklaces and Floral Brooches / Hair Pieces.

Custom Services offered are: Dress Design Only, Pattern Making Only, Construction (sewing) Only (Customers provide their own patterns and materials), Clothing Re-Design (Create a new look with an existing garment)

Here’s where to contact Judy Lee

Iridescence Bridal Couture
You design, we create.
tel:     408.688.4877

Thank you to the photographers that have shared your pictures: Supasit Srisawathsak, Karl Ko Photography, Jade Studio Productions & Ricky Wong with W Photography.



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  1. ST AMOUR4 says:

    I like the idea of transitional dressed b/c 99% of the time the wedding dress gets put away and never touched again! I’m not getting married again, but I’ll be watching Judy Lee! [fb]

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