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This past week, I had the pleasure of attending the Lancôme “Hollywood Glam” makeup workshop. These last few months, the Lancôme team at Westfield Valley Fair has been working to make makeup lessons and secrets accessible to everyone. With private lessons tailored to find what works for you, these classes may be just the thing you’re looking for to find the look you’ve always desired.

For myself, I have always struggled with dry skin. Fortunately, I have really good skin, and only use light foundation and a bit of blush. However, my dry skin makes my skin crack when I put on foundation, making it appear as though I have foundation caked on. Lancôme recently released a new product, Genifique, that moisturizers my face and softens my skin, making my foundation go on flawlessly and leaving my skin glowing. I had heard Lancôme had a great selection of foundations, but I had yet to try it for myself. With just small amount of the foundation, I was able to cover up the redness in my face and achieve that porcelain-like look I have always wanted. Lancôme has a variety of foundations to choose from for every skin type.

I have always used my hands to apply my foundation, thinking this method blended in the product better. The Lancôme team informed me that my using your fingers or a sponge, you waste 60% of the foundation. I’ve been skeptical about using a brush, thinking it would leave visible marks. I was told if I compared using my finger and using a brush by applying the foundation onto a mirror, the difference is obvious. No doubt, the brush works the best. If you were like me, or used a sponge, I highly recommend looking into getting a brush to apply your foundation.

I have a rounder face, and like most women, would like to have that ideal facial bone structure. With just a touch of highlighter and a richer blush color, I instantaneously saw a dramatic change on my cheeks. The makeup gave an illusion of this with just a couple of products. Another great face product was their shimmer powder, which gives your face a nice glow, without too much product.

When it came to the eyes, the look consists of gold eyeshadows, liquid liner, fake lashes, and the famous Lancôme Hypnotic Drama mascara. The lips included red liner, lipstick, and a shimmery gold lip gloss. If you are going for a simpler Hollywood Glam look, you can skip the fake eyelashes, or get rid of the gold eyeshadow, or the red lips. Find what works best for you.

Lancôme is going to be holding more of these workshops in the future. We’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, be sure to check out the Lancôme store to look at some of these products. With welcoming and highly trained staff, I’m sure you’ll find a look that’s all you and be confident that you can achieve the same look on your own!

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  1. ROBYNMORRIS says:

    You look great! I, too, am a recent foundation brush convert. Makes a huge difference! [FB]

  2. MRS_NORASMITH says:

    Wow… you were totally cute in the first picture, but totally flawless in the second picture!!!


    now i want to find myself a brush for foundation. i use my fingers, but hate it. also, i've heard that L'oreal is lancome's drugstore brand. do you know if that's true?

  4. JEANETTE HADA says:

    Wow, the finished look is stunning! I always love your brows and would like to know where you get them done.

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