Save the Earth Sunday – Ethos Paris

In 2002, Ann Leroux and her daughter Leslie Leroux, came up with the idea of using fashion to change the way business was being done on the global marketplace.  Inspired by the “Trade Not Aid” slogan adopted by developing countries, the pair decided to build a fashion house that embodied Fair Trade practices from the ground up.  They would pay a fair price for raw materials and for the processing and manufacture of clothing that met international standards of fashion and quality.  They would transmit skills and business know-how to their working partners in developing countries and contribute to local communities.  And their garments would be created from organic materials cultivated without harm to the environment or the health of its inhabitants.

Today, Ethos Paris a thriving fashion house in Paris, France producing stylish, high-quality garments made from organic materials.  Every person involved in the production, design and sale of all Ethos creations is paid a living wage while sustainability and ethical practices form the basis of the company’s business activities in developing countries.



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  1. KELLIE says:

    very very of them looks like a bubble dress?? i love that if so! (MAY)

  2. BEL says:

    Organic and chic! Love it! I like the flutter sleeve dress….(May)

  3. BEL says:

    Organic and chic! Love it! I like the flutter sleeve dress….(May)

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