Welcome to the official launch of the TBAF and our 1st contest!

To celebrate the launch of TBAF we will be giving away a gift! Invite all your friends and spread the word. I am so excited to launch this site and share all that the Bay has to share with all the fashion lovers in the area! There are so many amazing fashion events coming up and i’ll be spreading the word about them and surprising you with tickets to these events!

Our first prize will be a Harajuku Lovers Makeup Clutch from the new Sunshine collection line available at Sephora.

To enter leave a comment sharing your favorite spot to shop in the Bay and why you love it so much!
(Contest ends March 31st, and winner will be announced on FB fan page! Be sure to become to a fan.)

Join our facebook fan page for a chance to win a gift valued at $500 at a Santana Row retailer!



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  1. ANNECBAYER says:

    I am a brand-new fan of TBAF thanks to my daughter and her gift to me for my 50th birthday today: I enjoyed a fabulous time at the 1st ever Nieman-Marcus beauty event at Stanfard Mall in Palo Alto, and love my new eyeliner technique expertly demonstrated by Tiffany and Barbie of Laura Mercier. My favourite places to shop in the Bay Area are Westfield's Valley Fair and Oakridge Malls, and the Great Mall in Milpitas. I am looking forward to more fun and more prizes!!

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